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  1. LG Optimus F7 for a Penny | Back to School Savings at nTelos

    July 17, 2014 by

    Back to School Sale on the Optimus F7

    Teens and their Beloved Smartphones


    With the thermometer creeping toward triple digits, it’s time to start preparing to ship the kids off for another school year. Speaking of soul-crushing high temperatures, has your teen read our post about how heat can harm smartphones? If said teen has enjoyed their hot summer, then you’ve probably been shopping around for reasonable options to replace their poor, battered smartphone.

    Look No Further

    For a limited time, the popular, highly-rated LG Optimus F7 is going home with your teen for just a penny when you sign a new two-year contract. (more…)

  2. Back to School Apps for You AND Your Little Learner!

    July 16, 2014 by



     Time to learn!

    Whether your little ones want to admit it or not, a new school year is about a month away. Soon the malls will be filling up with kids searching for that perfect first-day outfit, you’ll be able to order a pumpkin spice latte, and you’ll be picking out trapper keepers in Target.

    Worried about how you’re going to balance school, work, and family time this fall? Don’t worry! Here are some helpful apps to keep you and your family on the right track!


  3. 5 Popular Apps to Combat Boredom

    July 10, 2014 by

    Combat boredom this summer.


    Banish Mid-Summer Blues

    Does time slow down for you in the summer? Maybe you’re home from school, or maybe you’re the mom who’s had the kids home for a few weeks now. July is National Anti-boredom month, and nTelos would like to help you find productive ways to spend that free time. Here’s a fun list of popular apps that will having you wondering where August went:


  4. 4 FREE Must-Have Wedding Planning Apps

    July 8, 2014 by

    Wedding Planning AppsWe are right in the middle of it – Wedding Season. Just check your social calendar and the last few gifts you recently bought. They say it all.

    If you are the one planning the wedding, stop pulling your hair out, take a deep breath and keep reading! In between creating the guest list, buying the perfect dress, and sticking to your budget, here are some tips to maintain your sanity (and avoid getting a bridezilla reputation).

    Check out our favorite, must-have wedding planning apps to make your life easier while you wait for your big day! (more…)

  5. 4th of July Savings, Anyone?

    July 3, 2014 by

    4th of July Savings at nTelos Wireless

    Buy a Samsung Galaxy S5 and get up to 4 LG Optimus F7s for a penny!

    It’s here! Hot dogs, fish fries, watermelon, and iced cold beverages.

    nTelos Wireless would like to wish you a safe and spectacular holiday.

    And while we’re at it, we thought we’d mention that there are major deals going on at any of your local nTelos Wireless locations. (more…)

  6. Yummiest Summer Recipe Apps

    July 1, 2014 by

    Yummy Recipe Smartphone Apps

    Pics of Food, Anyone?

    The heat and humidity have arrived, and summer is finally here to stay. We’ve just moved past the longest day of the year, but there are plenty of hours in each day to cook up awesome summer meals.

    Check out some of our favorite smartphone apps that will make tummies growl this summer season …

    For The Grill and Picnic Master

    The Steak Grilling Timer & Recipes free app is your new outdoor best friend! This app tells you exactly when to flip and remove your food from direct heat to ensure the perfect sear. It even includes sound alerts just in case your chef gets distracted by the corn-hole game going on nearby. Free on iTunes. (more…)

  7. Will You Win the “Go, Go Safe Driving Gadgets!” Giveaway?

    June 27, 2014 by

    Safe Driving Gadget Giveaway


    Here at nTelos Wireless, we are committed to safe driving practices by offering stylish, hands-free accessories that help keep eyes on the road. Since June is National Safety Month, we encourage you to make a pledge to put an end to distracted driving. To do our part, we’re giving you the chance to register to win a safe-driving prize pack worth $200! (more…)

  8. 3 Hot Summer Reading Smartphone Apps

    June 24, 2014 by


    3 HOT Summer Reading Smartphone Apps

    Suntans, sandcastles, BBQ’s, and boats— just a few of the pleasures of summer. What most people look forward to during the summer is their summer vacation, right?


    If you’re planning your summer trip to the beach, mountains, river or even the pool, there is no better way to enjoy your time off than with a good summer book! (more…)

  9. Summer 2014 nTelos Wireless Pavilion Lineup

    June 20, 2014 by

    • nTelos Wireless PavilionCharlottesville, VA
    • nTelos Wireless PavilionCharlottesville, VA
    • nTelos Wireless PavilionCharlottesville, VA
    • nTelos Wireless PavilionCharlottesville, VA
    • nTelos Wireless PavilionCharlottesville, VA
    • nTelos Wireless PavilionCharlottesville, VA
    • nTelos Wireless PavilionCharlottesville, VA
    • nTelos Wireless PavilionCharlottesville, VA
    • nTelos Wireless PavilionCharlottesville, VA
    • nTelos Wireless PavilionCharlottesville, VA
    • nTelos Wireless PavilionCharlottesville, VA
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    VCU Graduate Returns to VA as Iron and Wine

    If there’s one thing Charlottesville, Virginia appreciates, it’s a good beard. Speaking of which, Samuel Beam, known more widely as Iron and Wine, came to the nTelos Wireless Pavilion last night, bringing with him a much-appreciated collection of folk music (and a healthy beard).

    A diverse, family-oriented crowd showed up prepared with blankets for settling in on the lawn. If you’re not familiar with Iron and Wine, know that you’d probably recognize a few of his more popular songs like “Boy with a Coin,” which has received good radio play.

    Beam spent his undergraduate college years at VCU studying studio art before going on to Florida State University Film School to earn an MFA in filmmaking. So .. . yeah, that makes him a little more interesting, huh? Beam was actually teaching university film classes in Florida before his music career took off in 2002. (more…)

  10. Hear How Summer Sounds with the SOLEMATE Mini Wireless Bluetooth Speaker by Jabra

    June 17, 2014 by

    Solemate Mini Wireless Speaker by Jabra

    Memories and Music

    Each summer, there’s a song that sticks out to you as your summer song. It’s usually a hit that shows up on the radio a lot.

    Maybe you tell your friends that you love the song, or maybe you’re too embarrassed that Rihanna speaks to you, but either way, it’s your song. You may have already found your song for this summer. (more…)

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