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  1. Get THE Ultimate Fan Experience This November!

    August 27, 2015 by

    11892259_10152931153095826_8497495468832102300_nAs much as you love watching your favorite college team from the stands, nothing beats seeing them as up close and personal. nTelos Wireless wants to give you that exclusive opportunity this November through the Ultimate Fan Experience! (more…)

  2. Safety Corner: Seniors & Smartphones

    August 25, 2015 by

    smartphonetips_allagesWith the speed that technology is moving and updating, keeping up with it can be overwhelming. According to Pew Research, older individuals tend to use their smartphones for just the basic functions, such as voice calling, texting and email. Without texting, you’d never hear from your grandkids. (more…)

  3. West Virginians: Rock Out & Win BIG

    August 14, 2015 by

    statefairofwvAt nTelos Wireless, we love giveaways and this month we’ve got a few amazing opportunities for our West Virginia customers to win BIG! An extra $500 would sure come in handy, right? Can’t miss the 3 Doors Down concert at this year’s state fair? Do you have an exceptional talent that you’d like to display center stage? Then one or more of these chances are for you. (more…)

  4. Electronic Essentials For Your College Student


    collegestudentIs your college student ready for back-to-school? Scantrons, notebooks, pens and pencils; they’ve got them! But wait, what about the electronic essentials? Smartphone? Check. But what else? Not to worry, nTelos Wireless has you covered for everything your student needs to start the school year off right. (more…)

  5. A Real Eye-Opener: Tips for Better Eye Health

    August 11, 2015 by

    Now, more than ever, we find ourselves staring at screens. Today, nearly half of U.S. consumers couldn’t go a day without using a mobile device (according to a study by Bank of America). We wear sunglasses to protect our eyes from the sun, but are our digital habits affecting them as well? (more…)

  6. nTelos Employee App of the Month: BandsinTown Concerts

    August 6, 2015 by


    Love live music? Chris, an nTelos Wireless sales representative in Staunton, recommends his favorite app for August, BandsinTown (free for iOS and Android).
    Chris Lassiter, Staunton nTelos7EYAGfWqSzGUQrAWluIl51qpssMzHjw6gJPLbvESuokZEs3ec_PLUOuhQskLVZXyGNyM=w300
    “As someone who has always loved music – and has believed that there is something special and unique about live music – I wanted to share the experience with my kids,” Chris said. “After interacting with a few of our family’s favorite musicians on social media, more than one of them suggested that the BandsinTown app was the best way to find out when they would be coming to town.”

    Chris explained that the app scans the music you have on your smartphone and gives you updates whenever one or more of those artists comes within a certain radius of your area. If letting the app choose by location isn’t for you, BandsinTown makes it easy for you to simply choose the artist you’d like in order to see when they will be making a stop near you.

    As a fan of lesser known artists, Chris really likes that it’s easy to find out when they will be headlining in his town.

    “As a result of using BandsinTown, I found out about a concert in Lynchburg that I would not have known about otherwise,” he said. “My wife and I decided to take our five kids to the concert, and it was a blast for them!”

    Other cool features include concert recommendations (if you like one artist, BandsinTown puts similar bands and musicians in front of you), concert invites and sharing options for your social media accounts, and complete concert listings for every city.

    Does this app sound like something you could use? Never miss another show! Click here for more information about the BandsinTown app and keep up with your favorite artists and live music options in your town.

  7. nTelos Expert Insight: Using Google Photos

    August 4, 2015 by


    For another edition of nTelos Expert Insight, we asked Nathan King, our Product Planner of Marketing Strategy, about using Google’s newest photo-archiving application, Google Photos.

    image001“Download it – it’s awesome!” Nathan immediately said.

    We use our phones for everything these days: GPS, any and all forms of social communication, and of course, photos. Most of your phone’s photo album probably contains a variety of selfies, pet photos, food items, etc. But once the storage limit is reached, where can one go to preserve all those images? Google has the answer to that!

    “With Google Photos, you get FREE unlimited storage for all of your photos & videos,” Nathan explained. “Out with the old method of taking pictures of your family vacation and having to connect to a computer. Google Photos solves all of your photo problems (even high-res up to 16 megapixels photos & 1080p videos).”

    Nathan goes on to explain that all you need to do is sign up for Google or have a Gmail account and download the app for free on your Android or iOS device.

    The best thing! “It doesn’t use cellular data,” he said. “It waits to connect to WiFi before uploading to the Cloud for storage. It automatically stores a thumbnail of the photo as a reference and then loads it quickly once connected to WiFi.”

    Any other cool features?

    Nathan enjoys using the Google Photo Assistant, which allows users to add animation and automates a photo sequence. You can build collages and custom stories, which include locations of where the photo was taken, tags and dates. The Google Photo Assistant also allows for facial recognition so you can search by people, places or things!

    Never worry that you’ll lose a photo forever just because you need to free-up storage on your device. Try out Google Photo for yourself and let us know what you think!

  8. Get in the Trivia Game – with these 4 Free Apps

    July 9, 2015 by

    trivia-night_textAre you smarter than the average bear? Can you safely say that you know it all? Perhaps you should try your hand at trivia! According to some of our employees here at nTelos Wireless, trivia nights are becoming the thing to do with your friends and family on any given night. But, how can you prepare? Whether you’re a history buff, sports stats junkie, or movie trivia master, give one or all of these free apps a try and make sure you’re ready to knock out those questions! (more…)

  9. Phone Etiquette Tips for National Cell Phone Courtesy Month

    July 2, 2015 by

    july_cellphone_courtesyDid you know that July is National Cell Phone Courtesy Month? Here at nTelos Wireless, we are focused on a GREAT customer experience with easy to understand plans and pricing and provide smartphones and devices at a price everyone can afford. We treat our customers like the friends, family and neighbors they are and wanted to take this opportunity to share some simple cell phone etiquette tips. (more…)

  10. Why & How to Celebrate Independence Day


    4th-of-JulyCelebrating the Fourth of July is one of the highlights of the summer months. Friends are hosting BBQs, there are places all around town to watch fireworks and parades can’t be missed! (more…)