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nControl Plan Serves Up Smartphone Lines for $55

November 15, 2013 by

Groove AND Save

Let’s Talk Money

Books cost money. Gas costs money. School costs LOTS of money. Being able to save on necessities like your cell phone service shouldn’t be so difficult, right?

nTelos is changing things up with nControl – the plan that lets you customize your service, while saving BIG.

How would $55 bucks a month for your service sound? Most larger carriers are holding on to you tight and charging almost twice that much for the same plan. With nControl you can get 500 minutes to call home and 1GB of data to stream podcasts on the bus for a whole lot less.

Want a little more or a little less? Change up your plan whenever you want. Life happens. Bills happen. Get ncontrol today and switch to nTelos. We’ll help you break up with your old provider with our¬†buy out your contract¬†program.

Need more convincing? Hold on tight and take a spin through our switch and save calculator.

Just make sure you get nControl.