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nTelos Cares


nTelos Cares Program

Through the nTelos Cares program, nTelos Wireless partners with local bloggers to raise awareness (and funds!) for charitable organizations. For each Facebook like, share, or re-tweet about the program, nTelos donates $1 to a selected charity in the community.  The nTelos Cares program makes it quick and easy for you to help support deserving organizations in your area. .

Past Donation Winners

Most recently, nTelos partnered with Black Dog Salvage and local members of the community on Facebook and Twitter to raise $3,000 for the Roanoke Valley SPCA.

In addition to raising funds for the organization, the campaign raised awareness about a problem called “black dog syndrome.” What is it?  It’s a phenomenon in which dogs and cats with black fur are overlooked more frequently and adopted less often than shelter animals of other colors.

Black Dog Salvage & Roanoke SPCA









Black Dog Salvage & Roanoke SPCA









Black Dog Salvage & Roanoke SPCA